Clockify and ClickUp - creating a tighter sync

Not sure if this is a feature request or a how-to help request.

I would really like to see true synchronization between ClickUp and Clockify without using an external automation service. I’ve got the paid versions of both apps and it seems like this is something I should be able to do.

Is this something I could create with a Webhook? I think the API is over my head.

If you want to keep projects synced between ClickUp and Clockify, you can use Zapier (eg. when a new folder is created in ClickUp, create a project in Clockify too, and vice versa).

Many thanks!!

Hi Kim,

The Clockify browser extension is quite simply and it will only pick up the task’s name from Clickup as a time entry description in Clockify.

If you’d like to sync projects (when you create a new folder in Clickup to have a new project created in Clockify as well) you can do this with Zapier if you set up a Zap which will trigger this action.

However, we currently don’t have plans for a new Clickup integration which would allow such sync without an external service such as Zapier.