Clockify adds 2h when a task is stopped


since some time (6 weeks?) Clockify adds 2h to the current time if I stop a task.
It doesn’t matter if I stop the task manually or start a new one which will stop the previous one automatially.
OS: Android
Time Zone: (GMT+02:00) MEZ
Setting “Zone automatically choosen”: on
als tested without any change in behaviour:

  • “Zone automatically choosen”: off - (GMT+02:00) MEZ
  • “Zone automatically choosen”: off - (GMT +00) GMT


Hi Thorsten,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Could you tell me if this happens when you start a new timer, or if you try to click on the existing entry to start a new one with the same settings?
If you could, would you be able to contact us at to give us that and some more details?