Client rates

While it’s not possible to set a specific rate per client, you can achieve this by setting project rates.

  1. First, create different projects and assign them to their respective clients.
  2. On the project page, click the project name which will bring you to the Project edit page.
  3. Then go to the Project Setting tab and find Project hourly rate option where you can define your desired rate.
  4. Repeat for each project of the respective client.

If you’re subscribed to a Premium or Enterprise plan, you can use a bulk edit option to make this process far quicker.

  1. Create all the projects you need
  2. Using the bulk edit option, select only the projects you want to assign to a specific client and click on the bulk edit option
  3. Select a client for these projects, make it billable and set the desired hourly rate
  4. Save and all selected project will have the client and the hourly rate assigned