Client cannot be deleted


i have made a routine that sync our workOS’ clients and projects using the API.

While making test i bumped into a problem : i created a client that cannot be deleted. The error returned is “Deleting this client is not allowed as this would create duplicate project”. But i have no project at all, not even archived. Moreover when i try to create a project called “Group Title” (which is the dummy data i used as test) it throws another error : “Group Title project for No client already exists”.
Sidenote this seems to indicate the uniqueness of project is not at the project:id level but at the project:name, this looks far from optimal to me as for many clients we can have projects named similarly, but anyway…

Is there a way to display these “ghost” data hiding somewhere ?

Thanks for the feedback

Hi Sam,

Please contact us at with details of the issue and your Clockify email address. And our support team will look into this.

Hi Jovana,

i sent the message through the provided address.