Click on calendar can change times without confirmation

There seems to be an unconfigurable feature on the calendar view that sometimes adjusts a time entry to some “round number” start and end time - not sure exactly what increment it is rounding to but there is no warning when it does this and I cannot find any setting to allow or disable this functionality - so sometime clicking into a time entry to e.g. adjust the description can sometimes inadvertently change the times on it. It would be good if this feature could be controlled is setting to turn off, set the round off value used and add option to have a confirmation notice if wanted.

Thank you for the feedback!

As you described calendar is a bit sensitive when it comes to clicking for editing.

Sometimes the system recognizes clicking as dragging the time entry (which leads to changing the start/end time), where also mouse or touchpad that you’re using play a significant role.

If you want to open the pop up window to edit time entry, I would suggest to click on the time entry and hold for a second or two and than to let go of the click. Only then you will for sure open the pop up window without accidentally dragging the time entry across the calendar.

Hope this helps!