Changing report TIME doesn't apply filters, but still displays filters as "active"

Hi! This is a bug that has caught me a couple times:

In a report, setting a FILTER, THEN changing the time (e.g. last week-> Last month) causes this:

  • The FILTER STAYS highlighted (e.g. there is still a “2” next to “filters”), but:

This gives the false impression that the filter is still active but it is not! This could cause grave reporting errors with financial consequences.

The expected behavior is that the filter STAYS highlighted but is ALSO APPLIED in the new timeline.

Thank you for a great tool and I hope this can be fixed!


Hi Francois! Welcome to the Clockify forum.

We tested this and weren’t able to replicate it. Please make sure you clicked on the “Filter” button before changing the date range.

We appreciate you reporting this, however, please note that the Feedback category (and Clockify forum in general) is dedicated to new feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback, but not bug reporting.

All bug reports and such issues should be sent to where our support team will be able to help out and make note of the problems.

Thank you for understanding!