Changing hours data entry such that 1 defaults to 1 hr

I find it a bit annoying having to enter 1.0 to enter 1 hr (2 extra keystrokes each time). Could Clocky record 1 (2, 3, 4 etc) as 1, 2, 3, 4, … hours and if I wanted to enter minutes then I’d have to enter eg 0:01 for 1 min or 0.25 or 0:15 for 15 min etc.

Hi, Guemar! Thanks for your feedback. We have plans to add decimal duration format in the future.

Hi Marina, for avoidance of doubt. Happy how decimal or hh:mm entry works atm.

All I’d like to see is that when I enter e.g. “1” and press Enter, it records as 01:00 , ie 1 hour.

I disagree. If I enter 15, I expect it to enter 15 minutes; not 15 hours. I think the current behaviour makes a lot of sense. If you want 1 hour, you should enter 1.0. Your suggestion would add at least 2 keystrokes to every entry of minutes, with what gain?

not quite. I’d expect .25 or :15 to work = 15min. Hence only one extra key stroke. :wink:

Thus it depends whether more users enter 1 hr than minutes. We try to capture not less than 0.5 hr blocks.

Maybe it could be user configurable?

PS: Thanks to your post it just occurred to me that I could also enter 60 instead of 1.0 thus saving at least one key stroke :wink: At 90 instead of 1.5 I’d actually be at one less. :wink:

Just noticed an unexpected time entry behaviour. Enter any number <100, e.g. 99 and you get 1:39. You enter 100 or greater and for e.g. 101 you get 1:01 (1hr 1 min). Likewise 120 yields 1:20, not 2hrs.

Maybe this could be addressed as part of the proposed fix?

absolutely support adding decimal duration! billing rate is hourly - need to report to customers in hours., not hours-minutes; e.g, 1:30 is read by customers as 1.3 hours, not 1.5 hours - raises unnecessary questions regarding billing accuracy

We generally invoice in hours per day. Just typing “1” or “8” would be greatly preferred to speed up data entry. It would help if staff could speed through a timesheet “8 tab 8 tab 8 tab 8 tab 8” in nine key strokes instead of 800 tab 800 tab 800 tab 800 tab 800 tab instead of 20.

Perhaps this could be configurable so those of us who need hours can use this mode, where those who bill by minutes can use that.

Hi all!

Option to type in just 1 and for it to resemble 1 hour is possible in case you are using decimal format for inputting hours. Decimal format is available on our paid plans, and you can change in your workspace settings.

With full (hh:mm:ss) and compact (hh:mm) format, once you enter any number below hundred it will be considered as minutes, therefore once typing 99, you are actually inputting 99 minutes - 1 hours and 39 minutes.

I hope this clarifies it and feel free to reply in case you have any additional questions.