Change regarding hourly rates

I appreciate many of the new features you are adding, but my frustration with your product is increasing with the way you roll them out.

For example, the new feature where I can change someone’s billable rate is great! But the fact that I cannot go back and adjust past rates now that it is in place is frustrating, especially when it sets the old rate to 0!

You apparently are trying to push us to an Enterprise level, I get that. But your pricing structure is terrible.

We are a small community group with a few paid employees and many volunteers who we are tracking through clockify. Staying on one of the unlimited plans that offer most of the features we want will work - moving to a per person when we do not generate income from all members does not. Dangling new features that can only be had at the Enterprise level is frustrating, but even that I can deal with - I’ve lived without that feature until now and we can continue to work without it. But, adding new features that affect past reporting, like changing a billable rate to 0 and not letting me change it because I am not an Enterprise client, makes my job more difficult.

I would love to continue to use and support Clockify, but I’m not sure I can. New features should make the product better, not try to drive existing customers to upgrade to fix changes. Please, if you are going to add features that change the current functionality, either add all the functionality for that feature, or at least give us a grace period so we can modify the effects of that change. Quit trying to force me to upgrade.

Hi there! Thank you for your detailed feedback.

I would like to first point out that the past rates do not get set to 0. Past rates are preserved, but if you’re experiencing any issues, feel free to contact us at so our team can investigate the issue further.

If you would like to change the past rate of a time entry, you can do that by making the entry non-billalbe and then billable again. It will then override it and pick up the new rate because the billability is updated.

This change is actually made so it wouldn’t affect past reporting (this is exactly why the past rate is preserved and not changed to a new rate or set to 0). Before this feature, when you updated the rate all past entries got that new rate.

Again, if you’re having any issues, don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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Yes, but seems like it’s impossible to do in bulk? Which makes this “solution” almost completely irrelevant.

I actually have the same impression as the previous poster - that you’re seem to be forcing users to switch to Enterprise.

Originally I migrated to Clockify from Toggl, because Toggl started to become unreasonably expensive. And now it seems that you’re shifting in the same direction, even though your policy at the start was “We want to make time tracking product which would be relatively inexpensive”.

And what I don’t understand - how you can introduce additional limitations to the existing features, if I’m paying user already?

I mean, I would understood if you introduce new feature which would be available on Enterprise only. But you’re taking existing features (like the ability to retroactively changing billing rate) and making them available only for your most expensive plan.

How so? I paid for certain set of features - how you can now remove some of them, forcing/asking me to pay more?

Thanks for the feedback!

Please note that having rates apply to all entries was not a feature on its own, in a technical sense, it was the lack of having a specific way to deal with changing hourly rates. To the majority of our users, this was actually a bug since it would affect past reporting in an unfavorable way.

And based on that feedback, we decided to build a feature that would preserve the old rates to past entries and add an option to change it retroactively for the minority of people that find this necessary.

We believe this is a positive change for our users, but we appreciate you sharing your feedback with us.