Carryover Times

Maybe I’m missing it or using the software incorrectly, but here’s the situation: I’m using the free version of Clockify to keep track of times for various jobs (Projects) that I do for work, and I’ve just finished using it for my first week – EXACTLY what I was looking for, by the way.

I’ve set it up so that the jobs originate as “Unbillable,” because there’s no billing until the job is complete. Very often, a job will stretch from one week to the next or even beyond that. Is there a way to carry over ALL the time for a project to subsequent weeks so the billing shows up in the correct pay period?

I’ve also been using Tasks on the jobs (Projects), but I can stop that if I end up having to move Projects one-by-one.

Thanks for your help, GREAT program!

Hi Steve, are you referring to the date range the reports show? If you are, both the Summary report and Detailed report can show you a custom date range so you can see only a specific time span in which you worked a certain project.

Also, I would advise you to set the project as billable by default, so every time entry is billed from the start of the project. That way, the correct amount will be shown later, when you run the reports.

No I wasn’t thinking about the reports, I was thinking more along the lines of the dollar amount being shown on the Dashboard.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:
My week runs from Thursday to Wednesday
Project is: ABC Company – following are dates/times I worked on it:
Thu, 08/06 - 0:30:00
Fri, 08/07 - 0:27:20
Tue, 08/11 - 0:23:35
Wed, 08/12 - 0:56:27
Fri, 08/14 - 0:42:40 (project finished)

That totals roughly 3 hours. The full amount for the entire project will be billed/added to payroll on Wed, 08/19. Say the pay is $46/hour. Ideally I’d want to see $138.00 as part of the total for Wed, 08/19. Instead, what I have is $105.30 on Wed, 08/12, and $32.70 on Wed, 08/19.

In the meantime, there’s other projects being completed or worked on with the same problem of carrying the time from week to week. I suppose I could just take the totals for each week and move forward the ones I need to manually, but I wanted to check to see if I was missing anything that could make this happen automatically.

I understand what the system is doing – it’s grouping by week, assuming that all time worked in a week is grouped together to be paid. What I need is it to group and pay by Project, regardless of the time it takes to complete it.

So, if there’s a “Tip, Trick or How-to” I’m not seeing, I’d love to know. Otherwise I can wing it. The main purpose of the program is to track my time working on a project, which until now I’ve been estimating, and after just a little over a week using Clockify, I can see that I’ve been estimating far lower than I’m actually working, so it’s serving its purpose, the rest is gravy! Thanks for your help!

If I understood this correctly, you have $105.30 for the week 6-12 of August and $32.70 for the week 13-19 of August and you would like to see the total ($138.00)?

Does selecting both weeks not work for you? Because if you select both weeks in the date picker, you will see the billable amount for all dates, and that would be total you’re referring to.