Can't download or even print schedules?

I spent a good part of the day using the schedule feature assuming I would be able to download it to .csv, print it or at the very least access it via the rest interface. But after setting up the projects, team members and durations I was very annoyed to find out that the schedule feature is lacking these options. I was loving Clockify but what the heck? The schedule is made available after you pay to be in the pro tier but it’s implemented in an amateur fashion.

Hi @romantercero, welcome to Clockify Forum.

I’m sorry Clockify didn’t meet your expectations. I will note the feature suggestion for exporting the schedule in .csv or .xls.

Kindly note that you can print the schedule you created by clicking Ctrl + P (on Windows) or Command + P (on macOS).

Hope this helps.

Printing via Ctrl-P yields a badly cropped view of the schedule. I can only see 2 days of the entire month

Hi @romantercero,

I’m sorry the workaround didn’t work. I noted this feature and will let you know if we decide to start working on it.

Have a nice day!