Cannot move custom fields

I have made some custom fields and would like to change the order in which they appear. If I go to settings → Custom fields, and then drag and drop the custom field in the desired place in the ‘active fields’ section, they appear to be moving when I drag them into place but when I let go of the mouse button, they go back to their original state. Any idea what can cause this and how to fix it? I could delete my custom fields and then create new ones in the correct order but then I would lose my data.

Hi Koen,

Please note with current design the order of custom fields always resets to default, I am afraid the only solution in this case would be delete custom field and then recreate it again. That being said I will forward your feedback as a feature request to our Product team so they can have in mind this feature for future development.


Thanks for the feedback, I have deleted the custom fields and recreated them, fortunately it wasn’t as much of a hastle as I feared it would be because of the bulk edit :slight_smile: