Can the Windows app stay logged in?

Whenever I have restarted Windows, the Clockify Windows App asks for login again. Is there a way to make the app to stay logged in?

I do not have to provide a password to my mail client every time I use it, I would like Clockify to have the same behavior.


Hi there! Clockify Windows app should stay logged in, so what you are experiencing is not an expected behavior.

Could you please reinstall the app and see if the issue persists? If the issue reoccurs, please reach out to us at for further investigation.



I am experiencing the same problem. Also, for some reason, Microsoft edge cannot be used to sign into the clockify windows app, even with pop-ups enabled. Is there any way to keep the app logged in?


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Would you mind checking if the app is up to date and re-installing it to test if it’s still the same? Additionally, could you please make a different browser the default one and attempt to sign in that way with the pop-up from a different browser, then revert back to Edge?

If the issue is still there, please feel free to reach out to the Support Team at



The app is up-to-date. I currently fix it by making Firefox the default browser and then logging in, and then reverting back to Edge. But this is very annoying because it takes a long time and Clockify logs me out frequently and randomly. Is there an easier/better solution?


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Hello there,

Would you mind attempting to re-install the Edge and check if it’s the same?

If the issue persists, please reach out to so we can troubleshoot this a bit further.


Same issue here. I normally use a Chromium-based browser, and when I launch the Windows Desktop app, it sends me to the browser for a login. I successfully go through the motions of signing in on the browser, and the desktop app closes itself immediately. No login. I tried the same again with Firefox as my default browser, and the results are the same.

I uninstalled the Windows program, cleared out anything that looked like Clockify in my Appdata folders, and finally deleted everything in the registry with Clockify in the name. I re-installed with a fresh copy of “clockify-setup.msi” and tried everything again. All to no avail. It keeps sending me to the login page and dismissing itself. There are no messages of any kind; it just disappears.

It is a bit weird that this is the only program I’ve ever seen that uses the webpage to log in on my desktop installation.

So, now what do I do?


Hello Douglas,

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Kindly note that we have forwarded this problem to the Dev Team for additional investigation. We do hope that this problem with be resolved when the new version of the app gets released.


I’m having the same problem after the update 1.7.5. The old version worked fine. How can I download the old version?

Same. Worked perfectly for months, now suddenly logs me out every morning after updating to 1.7.5

I am also continually logged out of the windows app


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Could you let us know a bit more about this problem, when are you experiencing this issue? Is the app perhaps logging out after the PC goes to sleep?

You can always reach out to us at so that we can troubleshoot this issue a bit further!


I am also being continuously logged out of the Windows app since the update. It does seem to happen every time my PC goes to sleep. It’s very annoying because I have to open it in a popup in Firefox to log back in every time when I used to be able to just start the timer on the project I am working on. I have tried reinstalling the app as well, it seems to be an issue that started with the last update. Worked perfectly until then.


Appreciate you using the Clockify Forum and reporting this.

Kindly note that the Team is already aware of the issue with the app logging out when the device goes to sleep and they are working on resolving this problem.

You can always reach out to us at in case you would like an update on the situation.


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Hope it gets resolved soon. It’s one of the most annoying things in my current workflow. Thank you Team Clockify!

Same problem, been there for quite some time. Logoffs after each time PC goes to sleep. Very annoying.

I have spoken to @Alex from support who insists this isnt an issue, and that it was fixed in the latest update, however the issue still persists.

This is another example of shoddy programming, and indifference from this company.

This is a huge issue if you get logged out and can’t log time while the internet goes out. It completely blocks productivity in this case, while being a huge frustration normally.


Thank you for your feedback. Our developers are actively working on resolving the log out issue. If you are experiencing the issue after our latest release (1.7.6), please reach out directly at with any details.

Thank you for your patience.

Just small update. In fact it seems that the issue is fixed in latest version (31 aug). However updater seems to have installed new version without removing old. So I had 2 app versions and shortcut to the old. After manually removing previous version and sending PC to sleep didn’t cause log out.

This isn’t accurate @sno. I am still experiencing logout issues on clockify 1.7.7 after being assured three previous times that this issue has been fixed. Not exactly confidence inspiring.