Can one disable the template buttons on the app?

to keep timesheet entry on the app as simple as possible, can I hide/disable the ability to create and apply template from the mobile apps?
REgards - Roland

Hello @Roly! Thank you for joining Clockify forums.

At this time, it isn’t possible to disable or hide templates on the timesheet page. You can disable the Timesheet and have the team members track time using the Time tracker, or Calendar - if that is feasible in your case.

Another thing that you can do is - since the templates are not [yet] available for bi-weekly approval period, you can set it to that in your workspace settings in order to have the templates be removed as an option.

In any case, I will be happy to add this as a feature suggestion for our product team to consider for possible future implementation.


Good morning,
thanks for the prompt response, but not sure what you mean by setting the approval at biweekly, can you explain slightly further?
Thanks - Roland

Hi Roland,

Sure thing - on the paid plans, starting with ‘Standard’, you can enable Timesheet approvals, and set the approval period can be set to Weekly [which is the default], bi-weekly and monthly. Changing that settings changes the Timesheet view as well, and shows you the two weeks or a month period instead of weekly.
And, because templates are not available for Bi-weekly and Monthly periods, with that feature enabled you, and your team members, would not be able to select timesheet templates.

I hope this helps!

Ah, I see now. Yes that has the desired effect, but I’m afraid it would confuse our team with having the 2 weeks or month visible! But thanks anyway.