Calendar view wrapping options

Calendar view is really useful to show overlapped time etc. but does not make it at all easy to fix it. So e.g. you might have had a timer timing end on e.g. 10:32:15 so 15 seconds past 10:32. Then enter a manual entry for what you did after the time stopped (a common requirement for e.g. work interruptions such as calls) and if you set that to be say 10:32 to 10:55 then it will show as overlapped.

Another common overlap I have is when I go to fill in something after it finished - so e.g. might have had one time entry from 9:00 to 13:00 and need to fill in detail of a call I took at 10:45 to 11:00 - that will then be an overlap - and to fix you need to duplicate the “long” entry, edit both copies to end and start around the call time.

It would be great to have some context menu options on the calendar like “wrap around overlapped time” to wrap a long entry around any shorter times it encompasses. And e.g. “Set start to previous entry finish” and “Set end to next entry start” to adjust the start/end times of an entry to carry on from the previous time entry etc.

Thank you for the detailed feedback @JamesHorsley

I would suggest using Timesheet view for easier editing of time and also a great preview of the already tracked time.

Clockify doesn’t intend to limit the option for overlapping since this would have to prevent users from adding time when there are some other hours logged in that period.

For technical and optimization reasons, there are no plans to prevent overlapping time.

However, I will gladly forward your suggestions to the Product team in order for them to possibly think of a way that this cases could be more easier to interpret within Clockify.

The last two options you mentioned are set by the default on the Time tracker and Timesheet page, where each time you enter hours, start time would match an end time from previous entry.

I hope this was helpful and feel free to ask if you have any additional questions!

I was not suggesting limiting the option for overlapping. My suggest is to make changes in the UI to make fixing overlaps a lot easier.

Thank you for additional details James.

I will add this to the feature suggestion I’ve submitted for the Product team.


Thanks for passing it on Joanna - it would really help as it takes ages to clean out overlaps at the moment - and I am sure I am not alone in having days where I get lots of interrupts - so be be able to set a long entry over whole day as the “mainly I was doing X” then record just interrupts and wizz the wrapping around interrupts of the long task at the end of day would save loads of time.

Thanks also for getting the edit of entries that roll to next day fixed - that is locked now so I couldn’t reply on it but can confirm it works for me now

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No problems James, I’m glad I was able to assist you!

Also, thanks for updating me about the Calendar issue you’ve had, great to hear everything works as expected now.