Calendar view: "Magnetic" time entries

Hi together,

you can edit start and end of a time entry in the calendar by clicking and holding either the start or the end of an entry and then moving it up or down the calendar. It’s moving in steps of 15 Minutes but it’s ignoring existing time entries. Is it possible, to make existing time entries “magnetic”? So that the time entry you are editing is not only “locking in” every 15 Minutes but also at the beginning and the end of existing time entries?

Best regards

Hi Janis. As for the current design, the time entries are not “magnetic”, so they cannot stick in a way you described. As this is a very interesting idea, I’d be more than happy to submit a feature request on your behalf for implementing it, and our team will consider it in future updates. In the meantime, I would suggest checking the end time of the previous time entry, then just editing the current time entry and setting the start time as the end time of the previous. Hope this helps a bit. Cheers!

Hey Stephen, thanks for the quick response. Yeah, that would be cool, if you could submit a feature on my behalf.

Well due to the fact that there are lots of ways to edit time entries, it’s not a crucial feature. …but it would make the editing in the calendar view so flawless :grin: