Calendar View has been buggy for a few weeks

When I use the calendar view, and try to go back to last week and it jumps to mid September. It’s also showing weird stretched out versions of my time entries. It will at times show different dates on the days and in the top right corner. These time entries being shown are from September 19th-25th, the dates on the days are wrong and the entries stretch out weirdly:

I’m going try changing a few settings around, but it appears everyone from our organization is having the same issues currently, I was wondering if it was effecting anyone else.

Changing the start of my work week to Sunday helped with the stretching and allowed me to manually select last week, however the “Last Week” option on the calendar still took me to September 19th.

Hello Jacob,

The team has been notified about this issue and currently, we are working on the fix. Additionally, could you please contact our Clockify Support at and one of our agents will be happy to assist you and keep you updated about the progress?