Bulk approval of timesheets?

Is it possible to bulk approve a subset of historical timesheets? They were missed by our administartor. I can see the option to approve all on the approval screen, but I can’t just select a subset.
I have tried in the detailed report, where you can select a subset, but approvals is not an option.
Any other way of doing this?
Thanks - Roland

Hi Roly,

To bulk approve timesheets, they need to be submitted for approval, which an admin can do using the Approvals page unsubmitted tab. There, they can click on the three dots and click Submit.
Once everything is submitted, the admin can click on the Approve All button

I hope this information was helpful.

Cheers! .

Hi Edin, thanks for that, unfortunately they have already all been submitted, the problem is bulk approval of a subset of those submitted. The only option on the approval page is “All” or one at a time.
I was hoping there might be a method, but it appears not.
Regards - Roland

Hi Roly,

Could you please reach out to us at support@clockify.me and provide us with a bit more information about this so we can create a feature request in your name? You can also do it yourself using the Feature Feedback - Clockify™ form. We would love to hear more about this feature suggestion.