Bug: Various issues on Desktop App (mac)

Hi there,

I’m having an issue with the latest Clockify desktop update on Mac.

“This week” seems to be messed up as well as Settings.

Also, when I try to record a new entry the “Project” field goes back to default (empty) every time.

Can you guys help? I’m attaching an image.

I’m on a Macbook Pro 2016 with Monterey OS.


Hi @Pablo_Picart, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Thanks for the feedback! Kindly note that we have published a new version of our macOS app. Could you please download it and check if the issue is still there?

If so, you can contact our Customer support team at support@clockify.me. They will help you troubleshoot the issue.

Hope this helps!

Thanks! I followed these steps provided by the support team before installing the latest version and it worked :smile: :

  1. log out (if you manage to enter the app)
  2. close the app
  3. open terminal (CMD+Space and type terminal) → type this command and press enter: defaults delete coing.ClockifyDesktop
  4. next type this command and press enter: tccutil reset All coing.ClockifyDesktop
  5. Open Finder → home folder (name of the mac) → Library (hidden folder. if you can’t see it press CMD+Shift+“.” ) → Application Support → coing.ClockifyDesktop > delete ‘default.realm’ file and ‘default.realm.lock’ file
  6. delete ClockifyDesktop app from computer
  7. download and install the latest app

Thanks again! :+1:

No problem, glad we could help!

Have a nice day!

That’s nice. Else you can directly contact to the clockify to solve the issue. Also you can try out some other options like DeskTrack.