BUG: MacOS app hanging

Since undefined time the app starts hanging very often without any visible reason. It can be restart only after force quit. Fortunately the time still tracking if i’m online. Did not check while offline.
MacOS 11.4
App Version: 2.7.0

Hi Evgeny,

Could you please install the latest version of the app 2.7.1, available from our website?
If the issue persists, please contact support at support@clockify.me.

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your answer. I got updated and it became much better but hanging still exist.
I’ll touch support.
Thank you

I have the same issues, even in 2.7.1.

I just wrote to support they recommend to totally remove the app (if i had v.2.7.) and install 2.7.1 again. And send them steps to reproduce the issue.
Well I’m just working and waiting for new hang to send at least log :slight_smile:

@Jane what Log-Files you need if the MacOS App is hanging again?

I’ve sent macOs logs few days ago and haven’t got response but I just get an update v2.7.2, so maybe it was fixed in this update. Try it

I have the same Issues since months, and none of the updates fixed it :cry:
But let me try 2.7.2

Yeah, I understand)) I mean really i’ve recieved 2.7.2 about 20 minutes ago. I hope they fixed it. Anyway even in 2.7.1 it’s already much better than 2.7
So try 2.7.2 and good luck😉

Hi, please reply to support via the emails you’ve sent since Clockify forum is dedicated to new feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback, but not bug reporting.
Thank you!