Bug in Linux Desktop app - visible timer different from tracked time

First of all: thank you for the free account and supporting Linux, even with a desktop app! :slight_smile:

The problem I encounter is more of an annoyance, though it shocked me the first time it happened.

I click the start button and the timer becomes visible on the button. I shrink the app and work. When I go back to the app, the visible timer picks up where it had left off before the shrinking. Only when I click STOP and the block of time that was counted gets added to the Today section do I see the whole tracked time.

Example to clarify:
I start timing, the button counts to 0:11, I shrink the app. I work for 30 minutes. I bring the app up. Instead of showing 30:11, the button resumes counting: 0:12, 0:13, 0:14, etc. I click STOP, the tracked time moves into the Today field and shows correctly 30:15.

I’m on Linux Mint, 21.1 cinnamon.

Hey there,

Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us! It means a lot.

May I ask have you tried the force quit using System Monitor utility > End Process for Clockify

After that, you can try a full clean reinstall via terminal command: β€œsudo gdebi Clockify_Setup.deb”.

Please let me know if that helped! Otherwise, please reach out to support@clockify.me so we can properly address this one.


Thanks, Nikola, for the quick response.

There would be no need to do those steps, as this behavior happened right from the moment I installed the desktop app. (Which had happened only a few days before, for the first time, after realizing it exists.)

I will send an email to support.