Autotracker data deleted after app update

It’s really unfortunate that the app does this. I just lost two weeks of logged data that I hadn’t added to my projects. It’s happened before, but I thought it was a bug and wouldn’t happen all the time. I only have one workspace. I can see all my logged entries, but the autotracker is emptied out. Is there any way I can get that data back? Could it be in some backup file left from the software update? I suggest you figure out how you’re storing autotracker data, keep it in a separate file and don’t delete or replace that file on software updates. This should be easy. I have been using Clickify for a year now, and I’m stopping because with this kind of app behavior it’s not helping me at all. Will consider returning if/when this bug is fixed. And before you ask, everything is the same as it was. You just updated the app and autotracker comes back empty. This happens every time you do an update, other people have reported it, so it’s definitely on your end, not user error.

Hi there,

Can you please contact our support team so we can investigate reported issue?