Autotracker Autostart (Win10)

Hey guys, I’m using autotracker as a safety net for those times when I forget to start an activity. I’m especially prone to do this when I receive a phone call or join a scheduled Zoom meeting. I like it enough that I added it to my Windows 10 Startup apps, and it starts every time I boot my computer.

The only problem is I normally leave it in the recording mode when I shut down my computer. When I reboot, it launches and the little red dot is still visible, but it’s not actually recording. When I open the auto tracker window, the recording button is still blue and says “recording” but the log is empty, even after a full day of work. I found I need to stop recording and then start again for anything to successfully be recorded in the log.

To autostart the app, I dropped the desktop shortcut into %appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\

Hope you can help

Thanks, Doug

Hi @DouglasEPowell

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I noted down your request and I will let you know when we develop this feature.

Have a nice day!