Automated Desktop update; Windows 11Pro

Hi, I’m a newbe in using Clockify
The pop-up with updates is fine. But starting the update results in no changes. It is downloading and restarting. However, when checking the version, it shows no change. Do you have a solution?
A work around would be a manual download on the user website. Please let me know if this way exists and I just overlooked the option.

My System is running Windows 11 Pro
Hardware: MS Surface Pro 7

Hello Marc,

Thank you for using Clockify Forum!

I would suggest deleting the app and re-installing it again from the Clockify website. This was an issue with the previous Windows desktop app version.

Please let us know if this happens again on the newest version after a new update arrives, you can always reach out at


Thanks for the quick answer. I did re-install the newest version as proposed. I let you know if it works or not. :+1:

Hi David, I just got a latest version 1.6.0 and tested the update from version 1.5.3, my new installation. Unfortunately, it’s still not working.

Hello Marc,

When you click on the Settings icon and then the version of the app, the app will try to see if there is an update. If there is, it will offer the option to download the new version.

I’m curious to find out if installing it that way would resolve the issue.

In any case, you can always reach out to for us to troubleshoot this a bit further.


Hi David, I will try it this way. :+1: