Auto Tracker

Enable auto-tracker and let Clockify track your computer activity so you can create time entries based on time spend in apps.

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How it works:

  • The app tracks when each app is active and for how long
  • You can create time entries in Clockify from those logged
  • Logs are available only on your own computer (unless you create entries from them)

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This feature is currently in active development and open for feedback.

Let us know about your workflow and needs so we can improve it further!

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Been using autotracker and it seems very promising. However it seems to not detect any adobe software?

That’s strange, it should be able to detect it. If you’re having any issues please write to and let us know the details so we can look into it.

This is very useful. I have used for a week, but when will see this feature in Windows?

Glad to hear you find it useful!

We would like to have this feature in the Win app as well, but there is no ETA on this yet.

Unfortunately, our Win app is a little behind our other apps and as soon as our backlog clears up a bit we’ll start working on improving it.