Auto tracker usability

I’ve started using the desktop app some time ago especially since I was curious if the auto tracker could support my workflow and I really like the functionality.

The problem is that I spend a lot of my work time between different software / apps, e.g. customizing a system with resources to assist opened on the second screen, a ticket system running on another one, and so on. I would believe that this is a somewhat relatable case for many other. Currently switching between the app windows does trigger another time entry by the auto tracker. This behaviour is not bad in general but leas to numerous entries during a workday that then all are added to my timesheet creating incomprehensible data losing the important content of the time tracking: data that is easy to review and analyse.

I do not have a one fits all solution for that but I could see improvement by:

  • Grouping time entries in the auto tracker (probably manual after they are recorded)
  • Creating a threshold that is activated when the tracker starts tracking work that prevents recognizing switches between apps
  • (additionally) A dialogue that asks if you started a new task or if the time should be allocated to the running task (still needs the threshold, else you spend more time dealing with the dialogue then working).

There are probably way more improvements but perhaps this can help getting it started.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback about the AutoTracker function that is available on our Desktop apps.

I will be happy to forward your feedback to our Team.

Have you tried using the Bulk Edit functions? They will allow you to organize the tracked time better.

  • Bulk add - each item is added as a separate time entry in Clockify (you can add project/task/tag, but each entry retains its original description)
  • Bulk merge - all selected items are added as one time entry in Clockify (each description is added, start time is taken from the earliest record, and all durations are summarized and used to calculate end time)
  • Bulk delete - items are forever cleared from the activity table