Auto Tracker tracks idle time

Hi all,

I’m new Clockify user who has just migrated from TimeDoctor 2. As of now I don’t care about projects and tasks, my goal is to track overall time I spent for work on daily basis, so I use Auto Tracker. Recently I found out that it includes ‘Loginwindow’ as an activity and counts its time.

I’m wondering if there is a possibility to exlude ‘Loginwindow’ from the list of processes tracked on my Mac.


Hi Dmitrii and welcome to Clockify Forum!

Currently, you will, unfortunately, need to remove those items manually. The good news is that we actually plan to improve the Auto Tracker in a way that you will be able to select what you want or don’t want to be tracked.

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Any plans when this will be fixed @Jane?
The Auto-Tracker is pretty useless if the afk time is tracked too :man_shrugging:

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Automatically adding tracked items to its project based on history would be a great addition and a game-changer. Please please please add this, and can you give us an idea about the time we will receive this feature, we are eagerly waiting for this.

Hi Prince,

Improving the Auto tracker is still on the Backlog, so, unfortunately, we’re not able to share any ETA.


How much time are we expected to wait? we are a big fan of clockify and can wait for long, but it would be cool if we get this soon.

Hi Prince,

We, unfortunately, don’t have any ETA just yet. But we’ll make sure to let the users know when this is available. Thanks for your patience with this!