Auto Tracker Data

I’m just now trying out Auto Tracker, and it seems to have a lot of potential. The instructions said the data is stored locally and retained for one week. Is there some way to export this data to a CSV file, or am I simply overlooking the place to do that?

Thanks! Doug

Hi Doug and welcome to Clockify Forum!

It’s only possible to export entries in CSV from the Reports page of the web app.

So you would first need to create entries out of activities. You can do that by clicking on the + sign next to an activity. There’s a bulk add option too.

Once you finish creating entries, log in to the web app and export e.g. a Detailed report in CSV.

Hope that it helps.


I have a “workable” solution using copy & paste. I was hopeful I could track my entire day and without cluttering the report area with mundane activities. My goal is to look at my time utilization focus.