Auto tracker causing browser lag

I’m noticing that the auto tracker feature, which is super useful, causes major lag and unresponsiveness when using my Edge and Chrome browsers when I have multiple tabs open. Any click, typing, switching to other tabs, mowing browser windows, or opening new tabs, sometimes takes 2-3 seconds to register. This makes using my web browser in conjunction with Auto Tracker extremely frustrating.

Please help as I find the auto tracker function extremely useful and rely on it for my workflow.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this issue. Can you please send a short screen recording of the issue to our support team at so we can investigate it further?


I’m finding that the Auto tracker on the desktop app is actually causing a slight slowdown system-wide. All apps have a very slight delay when auto tracker is running, but it’s especially worse in my web browser (Edge, Windows 10). As soon as I turn it off, the system is back to normal.

Everything is up to date.

I am trialing and just purchased a Pro account intending to bring several employees and contractors onboard. I am seeing this issue as well and it’s a hard stop for me.

Tab previews can take 5s+, millisecond operations in browser and software turns into multi-second delays. I assume this isn’t a typical experience otherwise this would be a company wide non-starter. This is on a newer machine and currently our fastest in the office.