Auto-start preference

I often don’t want clockify to auto-start a timer when I return to my computer. Even if I did want to start a timer then I would often be resuming a previous task–removing the auto-started entry is extra work. Would like to be able to turn auto-start off.

Hi, if you don’t want the Mac app or Chrome extension to start the timer whenever you return to your computer, you can turn that feature off in the settings.

Thanks. I’ll try the extension–would still prefer to have a web page preference, as I don’t like installing a lot of extensions. (I have been just using clockify as a web app.)

Web version of Clockify doesn’t have the auto start/stop timer option as that feature is only available on the Mac app or Chrome extension. If you’re sure you don’t have auto start option enabled in Mac or Chrome contact our support team so they can investigate the issue further.