Assigning Time Entries to Different Clients Within a Project

Dear All,
I’m looking to create a project where I can log time entries for various clients. Is there a way to assign individual time entries to different clients within a single project? Your guidance on setting this up would be appreciated.

Francesco Canovi

Hi Francesco!

While that is not directly possible, you can consider creating the same Project under all your Clients (Project 1 - Client A, Project 1 - Client B, etc.), and record those entries under the project that belongs to the appropriate client.

I hope this helps!


Thank you for your reply, but it was exaclty what I wanted to avoid. I have dozen of clients and I don’t want to create dozen of projects for this specific need…
Thank you, anyway.

Hi Franceso,

While the client - project relationship in Clockify might not work for you, there are some workarounds you could consider.

  1. Creating a tag named after the client - Instead of using “Clients”, you could create a tag that represents (named after) a client. You would then be able to track time on the same project, and add different tags for different clients. You can then filter by “Tag” in the reports.
  2. Using custom fields - (PRO plan feature) - You would be able to add a custom field to the project, and input the name of the client. They will show up on a time entry, same as tags, and on reports.

This would allow you to not resort to creating a project for each client.

I hope this helps.

Have a nice day!

Thank you for you hint, but both solutions have flaws.
Tags: tags are not project specific. I would have to mess with dozen of client tags also in other projects. Tags are thought to be cross project.
Custom fields: if you don’t write the client name always in the same way (es Name Surname vs Surname Nane, not mentioning typos) you would have flawed stats.