Asana Clockify Interface Broken?


We are using Asana for Task Management and an interface to Clockify for time keeping.

We are seeing an occasional glitch when a task created in Asana cannot be found by Clockify. We create the task as per normal, assign it’s tags, fill in a description and press the “Start Timer” button in Asana. The Clockify pop up opens and asks me for a Project and a message “Can’t save without required fields (Task)”. We also sometimes see a message that says “ You must be logged in to start time entry”. Note that this happens even for a task that I can actually see in Clockify - when I select manually that task it just ignores it completely. Worst part is that it is sporadic - sometimes it works like a bought one - the rest of the time I want to set it on fire.

I have turned off any ad blockers, Privacy Badger and anything else I can think of.

Firefox 102.0 on Ubuntu 22.04.



Hi Nigel,

Welcome to the Clockify forum!

Kindly reinstall the extension and if the issue persists after that, please contact us at
We will gladly troubleshoot this with you further.

Enjoy your day ahead,