API power bi does not work

I work with powerbi and it stops working that I have bad
2 days ago it stopped working

Table.AddColumn(#“Expanded Column1”, “Users”, each Json.Document(
RelativePath = “/api/v1/workspaces/” & [Workspace ID] &"/users?page-size="&PageSize,
Headers = [
#“X-Api-Key” = (#“X-Api-Key”)

Hey Juan; I use Power BI and came across the same issue. Lowering the page size to 5,000 cleared it for me.

Hi all, check the following GitHub repository, we have updated the template and custom connector, Clockify API changed to a MAX number of results = 5000.

If your results exceed 5K, paging logic needs to be implemented, this is most likely to occur on the “Time entries” endpoint.

Could there be a better notification system set up for API changes like this? I was rudely alerted to the fact when all of my users reported that their Clockify apps had stopped working… thankfully it was easy to diagnose the fix, but it would be nice to have a mailing list or some sort of channel that developers could subscribe to to get notified about breaking changes.