API - how to retrieve changed or deleted time entry


I am new to Clockify and currently trailing the product to be used for our company.

One of the key test that I am doing is to assess how good the integration is to pass data into our data warehouse for reporting purposes. This means that all the data objects such as time entry, workspace, user, projects, tasks etc are included for this assessment. One of the assessment is to check how easy it is to obtain new, changed, deleted records.

I have been looking at below documentation and use this as a starting point and from a few api ‘get’ endpoints:

However I cannot find API endpoints or existing endpoints with the feature that can obtain (i.e. parameters ) the data by getting the delta i.e. since last updated or deleted date. Is it a missing api capability or I haven’t find the right documentation or method?

FYI, ideally I would like to use api to perform the following example:
Day 1. Obtain all time entry data, say it has 10k entries and ingest into data warehouse
Day 2a. Find the new/change entries since Day 1 based on a specific date field or version controlled field i.e. Last Modified date, say this time it return only 10 new entries and 25 modified entries (no point to reload all 10k entries + again to detect new/change), and ingest these 35 entries into data warehouse for create new and update old records.
Day 2b. Find the deleted records since Day 1 and mark them for deletion in data warehouse.
Day 3. Repeat 2a and 2b, but based day 2 result i.e. Last Modified date

I have read in the forum that webhooks can be utilised, but that take time and effort to setup the receiving endpoint which we are trying to avoid.



I just finished setting up a webhook to achieve this, but it would have been really nice to have this as part of the API. A simple filter to “showDeleted” with any data regarding the deletion of an entry such as “isDeleted” or “deletionDate” would be super helpful.

I can see how the data warehouse could get out of sync if for some reason the webhook failed. Relying on the API would definitely be more reliable in our use case.

Hi Dusty,
Welcome to the Clockify forum!

You’re right, there is no endpoint that contains information regarding deleted entries at the moment.
Thank you for your feedback, I will forward your feature request to the team in charge of future development rest assured.

Have a nice day ahead!