API GET /workspaces/{workspaceId}/users


The users api returns a list called memberships which in my case is always an empty list ( ie [] ), where is the membership for a user set within clockify?

I am calling the api as: GET /workspaces/{workspaceId}/users

Hi there,

Are you using GET /workspaces/{workspaceId}/users with {workspaceid}, or are you using your workspace ID?
You will need to set your workspaceID, and the easiest way to find it is to go to settings on your workspace and check the link you receive, there you will have a link that looks something like this: app. clockify.me /workspaces /603cffd3… copy those numbers and letters and set them instead of {workspaceid}.
I hope this helps!

If you need more help, I recommend reaching out to support at support@clockify.me.

You can try to add the parameter membership=ALL in order to get the basic data about the users in the workspace in the response.

Feel free to check the full list of parameters for the mentioned endpoint here


Thank you that helped.