AM / PM defaults

Too often I’ll be entering time like 2:00 and it will default to AM. Some quick little logic check could probably guess that I’m not by default working at 2AM. When retroactively entering lots of time entries, this consumes a fair bit of time.

6-11 could default to AM and 12-5 to PM or something like that.

Maybe I’ve missed a setting for this.

Hi @Aaron_Henderson, welcome to Clockify Forum!

Thanks for the suggestion, I noted down your request and I will let you know if we decide to start working on it.

Have a nice day!

I was doing the same thing. It took a few days, and I made a concerted effort to train myself and commit to a habit of entering both AM and PM as needed. I guess you could say, I no longer rely on defaults. I still take a quick glance at the calculated times to see if it makes sense. ~doug