All workspaces calendar in one overview

Hi Clockify Community!

So is there a way to get all of the workspaces in one calendar?

This way I can see at the end of the day in 1 overview how many time I spend on different workspaces (companies).

Maybe with a Zap to Google Calendar?

I already found something similar in this forum, but I’m not sure if someone has something new.

It must be completely synced instantly! So if I remove something from Clockify it must also remove in Google Calendar and vice versa.

Please let me share your thoughts / how to’s!

Thanks in advance :heart_eyes:



So I got the Clockify → Gcal integration via Zapier.

But what if I adjust the time in Clockify? The time in Gcal should be adjust accordingly.

But I cant find any Zapier event similar to “Update Clockify time”

Has someone got the solution for this?

New update:

So Zapier doesn’t have the function but Make (Integromat) does something I’m looking for


However now I need to create a router and create 3 different filters.

1: When time entry is created
2: When time entry is updated
3: When time entry is deleted

But I really don’t know what condition etc. to put into the filters, can anyone help me with this?

Maybe you know the Condition + Filter Rules? @Aleksandar_Krstic

Hi Emiel, welcome to Clockify Forum.

Please note that we will double-check this workflow and reach you back here as soon as possible.

Thank you for sharing this with us. Feel free to ask if you have any other questions.

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Thank you Sara :slight_smile:

Hi Emiel, I have looked into this and have an idea on how to do this

. Clockify to Google Calendar : You would need 3 modules for each webhook (Creation, Edit and Deletion).

When creating the event from the Clockify entry, pick up the details you need (such as project, client name, etc) AND Time entry ID (this is one of the most important things, we need this). Just put the time entry ID in any field of the calendar, as we will be using this as a unique identification for both the entry and the event created out of it.

When setting up the Edit scenario, we use the Edit webhook, connected to Search events module in the Google calendar (so we could find that specific event via the time entry ID), then connected to a Edit event module with the specific details you need.

For deleting the entry, we simply connect it with Search events module (same as in Edit, we are looking for the time entry ID) and then to a Delete event module afterwards.

For Gcal to Clockify, this would be a bit tricky as we would need the time entry ID to be present on the event itself, but here I would probably do Create Event - Create Entry - Search Event - Edit event (so we can add the time entry ID to the Event as soon as it is created).

Editing would go the same : Edit calendar - Search Entries - Edit

Entry Deletion : Delete Event - Search Entries (by entry ID as the main parameter) - Delete entry.

Other fields would depend here at what data you wish to move from Gcal to Clockify and vice-versa.

Hope this helps!

Make Time Entry ID

Hi @Mishko! Thanks for your tips.

I’m looking into it I come back for it! :slight_smile:

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