Adding user-role filter to workspace

what I’m dealing with right now that from a simple Get all my workspaces, I cannot access atribute of user-role. I can get it through Filter workspace users but that requires workspace_id and honestly it feel’s a bit too complicated for such attribute.
Or is there a way how to filter user-role directly from workspace info?
I apologize in advance for overlooking an already existing topic with this kind of request.

Thank you!

Hi Larry,

If you would like to obtain data about user roles you should use the following endpoint

and add query parameter memberships=ALL

I am afraid this is the only way to get info about user roles.


Okay thank you for clarification.
Adding the user-role would be nice. For example Toggl does have it directly accessible through basic workspace info.
Well maybe one day…
Anyways, thanks again for your response. Cheers