Adding up time for unique tasks/assignments

I’m a freelance writer. I have regular clients. They have projects (ex: The Blog). The projects have assignments/tasks (ex: Posts). I write a post’s title in the Description box, then classify its task as a “New Post”.
But when adding up times, Clockify adds up ALL the New Posts together. It ignores the description. I don’t write posts all at once, so I need it to add up the times of separate entries.
How can I have Clockify do this?


Hello Doug,

Kindly note that even if you add more time entries to the same task/project, you will still be able to see that time entry separate from the other time entries that are assigned to the same task/project.

Even if the time entries do have the same description, they should be shown as different time entries. I would kindly recommend you to try to see it in the Time tracker page, or when you run the Detailed report.

If you still have the same problem with entering the time entries, could you please contact us at