Adding color/categories when filtering projects in reports


it looks like if you have same name projects in different categories, there’s no way to tell one from another while searching for project to filter by.

Could you please add project color or project category/client to this list to make it easier? I understand categories might expand this list a lot, but a colored dot is quite small and hopefully would be easy to add. :blush:

Hi, Lena! You should check out our new improved Detailed report where we grouped projects by category/client.

We will soon add this feature to our improved Summary and Weekly reports, so you won’t have any more troubles to distinguish similar projects. I hope this is helpful.

Wow, this is exactly what I wanted! Thank you! Waiting for this feature to be added for Summary reports. :slight_smile:


Hi, Lena! Just wanted to inform you that we released new Summary reports. Now you can use this feature on them too.

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Thank you a lot for notifying me Marina! That’s awesome!

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