Add resource to schedule but not to project access

When adding a user/resource to a project schedule, there is a prompt to add access to the user for the project. There is no option to not add access to the project, or am I missing it?

Typically we only want to add a user to a project when they are expected to start booking time to it. It is possible to go into the project and manually remove the individual (which doesnt remove them from the schedule), but this is clunky to do.

It would be much better to give the choice on the pop-up whether they should be added or not added to the process access.


Hello Matt,

Thanks for the feedback! I see how useful that can be for you.

Please note that by the current design of the app, you can schedule the time only for the members that have the access to the project if the project is private.

If the project is public, in the schedule page you should be able to add all team members to it.

However, thanks for the suggestion, I will definitely forward it to the our Product team, and even though I can’t promise anything at this moment, they will surely take it into consideration.