Add Actions in iPhone App to "automate" Clockify when i "leave work"

There is a function for the iPhone where you can say “when i leave work then ”. (the app is from apple and is callde “Shortcuts”)

It would be very helpful if you can add the basic actions like “stop timetracker” or “start timetracker” to the iphone basic actions.

Then you have a new feature for a lot of people to automize their default behaviours like “coming home” or “going to work”

Hello Thoren,

Thank you for your suggestion; I will certainly pass it along to the team for consideration. Please feel free to fill out this form if you have any other suggestions: Feature Feedback - Clockify™.
If you are using an iOS device, kindly note that you have the option to create a Clockify widget to avoid opening the app each time you track your hours. iOS app - Clockify Help