Activate a template when there are existing records


I am mostly using the Clockify webapp > Timesheet page to enter my hours. I appreciate the Copy last week feature and the template Save or Activate features. It saves me a lot of time since.

However, these feature are not available if something was already added. For example: if there is one hollyday in the week, my company will add it in advance. When I am adding my activities for the day / week I can not use the Activate template feature since there is already one activity in the week.

It would be great if I could “add” activities from a template, even if there are already existing activities added to the week. It would leave already added activities unchanged and add rows for the activities from the template which were not already there.


Hi, Antoine! Welcome to Clockify Forum! This is an interesting idea, and I will note it down so that we can consider adding it in the future.