Working API Project features

Hi All,

We didn’t find project update features in v1 stable API, so began to use the working API. In the past some days realized that project API calls are returning status 404.

We haven’t found any changes in documentation here: Did anything happen what we should follow?

Do you know anything about API lifecycle? Will working API project features like update, archive, restore be available in stable API?


Hi and welcome to our community!

It’s possible to archive a project with the stable API v1 but this hasn’t been documented yet.
To update a project you’ll need to use:

PUT /workspaces/{workspaceId}/projects/{projectId}

If you want to archive or restore a project, you would need to set "archived": true or false.

Okay. And I have to put a "archived" : true into a JSON message and nothing else?
Can I update the project as well in v1 like it was in working version? I mean the UpdateProjectRequest.
Could you provide the updated documentation? We have a premium subscription. Thank You

The color and name must be included in the body of the request when updating a project. Please refer to this post about archiving: Archive Project

The v1 documentation will be updated in the future accordingly, however, we don’t have a specific timeline to when will this be updated.

The API can be used regardless of the subscription plan, there are only certain features that will work only with specific subscriptions, but updating/archiving project is not one of those features.