Time Approval

Time approval is now live and ready to use. :star:

You can learn more about it here: https://clockify.me/help/extra-features/time-approval

Submission workflow for users

Users can submit their time in either via Time Tracker or Timesheet.

In Time Tracker, they select which weeks they wish to submit. In Timesheet, users simply click Submit button at the bottom, which submits all entries for that week.

In case of a mistake, users can withdraw submission. Once entries are approved, they become locked and users can no longer edit them.

Approval workflow for managers

About manger role

Admins can approve and reject all entries via a new Approvals page. You can also filter reports by approval status (approved, unapproved).

No one can edit approved entries, not even admins. In order to edit an approved entry, admin first has to withdraw the approval (this creates a written audit trace).


I’m excited to try out this new Time Approval feature when it is available. We will certainly use it!

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Great! This functionality is crucial for us to be able to roll out Clockify company wide. Is there a timeline when it’s expected to be released?

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Hi, Userswe, and welcome to our community!

There is no specific timeline for this feature since it is still in its early stages, but we hope to have it released in the next few months.

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Hi, Jovona.
Approval workflow is very important for us to make sure we have full control of our employee’s effort and activities.

We are a movie production house company. Currently our company divided projects in Clockify into 2 types of projects, and required our employees to register their effort hours either in

  1. Operation (project)
  2. or Movie Production (projec)

is basically used for different departments such as HR, Marketing, Sales etc…
When an employee is working, he or she is either working with regular operational tasks that belong to his or her department, or project tasks that belong to a movie production project. Operation project effort hours can be weekly department tactical meetings, social event, client support etc… Those effort hours will be approved by the Department Manager/Line Manager only, not Project Manager

is mainly a dedicated project with estimated hours, timeline and budget. Whatever effort hours an employee had been working for a movie production project, he or she must register their time in this project type/category. Only the project manager can approve (not the Department Manager/Line Manager) all the registered hours registered by his project team members for example by end of the month.

Once the hours are approved, regular employees cannot change or edit their approved hours anymore.

Only this basic approval process explained above can help our company to monitor and control all activities and effort hours more correctly. The project manager can report to the Project Steering Committee what is the actual hours have been consumed for their project. The Line Manager can report to the Top Managment team about their current resources is under-work or overwork etc…

Please consider this feature as HIGH IMPORTANT so we can monitor and control our team better.

Hi Kimi! I appreciate you letting us know how important this feature is for you.

While we don’t have an ETA on this, you can check our roadmap to see what’s currently being worked on and what’s our top priority at the moment.

We’re hoping to release approvals as soon as possible!

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Is this going to be available on Premium?

Hi Tim! Time Approval feature is planned for the Enterprise plan.

The price difference between Premium and Enterprise is very significant, even for a small to medium sized business, but these features (approvals, managers) would be a great value add with the project time tracking added at the Premium level. As we add projects for customers, we need the ability for a project manager to approve a timesheet and report it back to the customer.

Please reconsider adding them to the Premium level (with the rest of project management functions). Even a small price differential (fixed cost per month) to add these in would be manageable, but for a growing team of 20 people the price difference would be causing significant price increases for our customers.


Thank you for the suggestion! I’ll make sure to share this with the rest of the team.

Please keep your price range low and include most of the new useful developed features, then your customers will not leave you. Especially for new startups or small companies with low wages budget countries like Vietnam, Thailand, India, China, etc… can afford your software as well.

Maybe you can try to copy Atlassian where they give away all their great products for free with full features for max 10 users such as Confluence, Jira and Jira Service Desk.

Microsoft or Google is also a good example. For instant, if users can prove that their company is located in Asia or Africa etc… then they will get reduced license price with 50%. You can check it yourself with Microsoft 365. It costs us only 2.5 dollars for an Office 365 account when I paid with my Vietnamese Credit card and proved that my company is registered in Vietnam. Microsoft 365 is packed full of applications such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, PowerApps etc…

We tried Timely apps first, but we couldn’t afford it so we switched to Clockify. We hope you think Economic of Scale instead of Economic of Scope. Your software doesn’t need lots of Disc Spaces and Powerful CPU such as Youtube or Facbook right?

So keep the good work and keep a fair price range then I believe most of your customers will for sure stick with you for years to come.

Hi, Kimi! We appreciate your detailed feedback with all the examples. I’ll share your thoughts with the rest of the team.

Is there any update on when Time Approval may be released?

Hi, there! Welcome to Clockify forum!
We expect it to be released in a month.

Update: Time approval is now live and ready to use. :star:

You can learn more about it here: https://clockify.me/help/extra-features/time-approval


To get the Time approval, we have to upgrade to the enterprise package, it will cost us 9,99 dollars per account which is way to expensive for my company.

We are a small company located Vietnam. Currently we are paying 2.5 dollars per user for Microsoft 365 with tons of applications. https://www.microsoft.com/vi-vn/microsoft-365/business#compareProductsRegion

I don’t understand why Clockify would charge 9.99 dollars per user. If Microsoft one day also launch their Time tracking system with time approval included in their Microsoft 365 then I am not sure how the Clockify team will react and survive.

Is there any discount for developed country us Marina? Microsoft account cost 5 dollars basically, but due to the fact that our company is Vietnam based so they gave us a local price.

Hi Kimi! We only offer 2 months free for annual payments. Other than that, there are no discounts.