Team members hours not showing in reports

Hi everyone. I hope you are keeping yourself safe in this troublesome times.

I have the premium version of Clockify and I have 2 team members in a project that although they have access to the project in their time clock they don’t have the project or task options so their time is not being collected. Have anyone have encountered this issue? do you know how to solve it?

Hi Novellino and welcome to our forum!

Please note that the forum is dedicated to discussing existing features, feature suggestions, improvements, and general product feedback.

If you’re having issues with Clockify or want to report a bug, we suggest you contact us at where our support team will be able to help out and solve your problem quickly.

As for the mentioned issue, we suggest you check with your team members if they are in the proper workspace (the one you invited them to).

When users create a Clockify account they usually get their own personal workspace (unless they’ve signed up to Clockify via the invitation link). So sometimes users mistakenly track time in their personal workspace rather than the one they’ve been invited to by their managers.

If they are having issues seeing the project you added them to, make sure to check if they are looking at the correct workspace.