Tags, tasks, audit and alarms


i have a few questions:

  • Is it possible to audit tags (like tasks)?

  • We have a lot of recurring tasks that need to be done every 6 months. Is there a way to give that task or project an alarm or have a reminder?

  • Is it possible to have some tasks or tags be billed automatically (and some not)? So there can not be made any mistakes.

Thanks in advance,

Tom W.

Hi Tom and welcome to Clockify forum!

There is no option to audit tags. Would you mind clarifying a bit what would you want to achieve by this and how would you use it?

The only alert you can get on tasks is if you set an estimated number of hours for completion of this task and you can set to get an email alert when you reach 50, 75 or 100 percent of this estimate. You can see more about alerts here.
Otherwise, there is no option to receive a reminder to start tracking time on a certain task.

There is no automatic billing in Clockify. You can only mark some time entries as billed/invoiced after you charged for that time, with a “billed/invoice” tag you can create.

Hi Jovana,

thanks for your response.

The reason why we would like to audit tags is because we can not use the tasks feature in our line of work.

The way we work is that our projects all have the same tasks by name. Each project has 20 tasks and we have 40 projects in total. If i want to use ‘tasks’ as a filtering option in ‘detailed reports’ the dropdown menu is completely chaotic because all tasks have the same names and there is no way to distinguish them. So we opted to use tags instead of tasks. But there is no audit feature for tags unfortunately.

I added i screenshot so you can see what i mean.



I see what you mean now, thanks for the clarification! Yes, this is troublesome indeed. However, we’re currently working on fixing this specific issue.

In couple of days if not sooner, the Detailed report will have the new filtering options which will resolve this issue with tasks. And after that, we plan to roll out the same filtering changes to other Reports pages (Summary, Weekly).

Ok thank you!

Looking forward to it.

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