Presets for recurring entries


During a day in the office, I do a lot of small and big tasks. Therefore, I have to log to a lot of different projects and tasks. If I compare multiple days, 80% of the time entries recure. I miss a possibility, to save presets (Project, Task, Tag, Comment, Duration) which I can use to start the time tracking including a shortcut for it.
To save more time, it would be awesome, if these presets would be available in the sidebar of macOS X and in the widget section on the iPhone and iPad. has a nice solution for Toggl. They call it “Saved Timers” and “Widget”.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community, Michael!

We plan to add some kind of an autofill feature in the future. It’s not exactly what you’re referring to, but it will make tracking time on recurring time entries much faster and easier.

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Hi Jovana

That sounds great. I’m looking forward to it. :slight_smile:
Do you also thinks about a solution like a mentioned with presets/shortucs? :wink:

The idea for the autofill feature is to simply offer to autocomplete your time entry if you start typing the details of a time entry you already have (similarly to what Toggl does in their web app).

However, there are no plans to build an app for this, such as Timery app.

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Oh that’s sounds cool. Looking forward to it.
Or will you support Apple iOS Shortcut? That would allow me, to build my own shortcuts and automation :slight_smile: Or widgets for iOS and MacOS could also be a great solution. Just some ideas :slight_smile: