Predictive filling of the task bar

Dear Clockify team,

our company has been testing out the Clockify tracker and we have only few minor ideas for improwement, such as:

  • The predictive typing/filling of the tasks - in our daily agendas, we have many tasks that keep repeating and it would be helpful if the tracker could have the predictability feature, so it would auto-fill the task once we start typing it in

  • The top bar is not fixed at the top of the screen, as you scroll down it moves away

Are these features something that could be, potentially, added to the software?
Thank you

Hello Miroslava! Thank you for the feedback and welcome to the Clockify forum!

We plan to add some sort of auto-complete feature for time entries so it’s easier tracking time. You can see it on our roadmap here in the upcoming features list.

We haven’t thought about fixing the top bar on the time tracker screen yet, but we appreciate the suggestion.


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glad to hear that its being worked on.
i have come from Toggl, and really miss that feature.
support the request fully.

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