Manager role

You can give some users access to certain users and/or projects, plus specify what exactly they can do. This work on a per user basis, meaning each user can have a different set of permissions.

For example, you can say that PersonA can manage all users, but that they have view-only access to everyone’s time entries.

Or, you can say that PersonB can manage all projects that belong to a certain client/department, plus add/edit time on those projects.

Step 1: On the Team page, you can see who has the manager role and grant it right there.

Step 2: When you open the permissions for that user, you can specify what that person can do.

When will this be available? What’s the target date of release and will this be available in Premium Plan?

There’s no specific ETA for this feature since it will be released after the Approval feature, hopefully in the next couple of months. It is planned to be included in the Enterprise plan.

Is there a plan that this will be included in the Premium plan as well?

Unfortunately, no. It is planned to be included only in the Enterprise plan.