Get a membership "name" from workspace

Hi all…
There is way to get all membership name from workspace?
Or at least the membership name from user?
Actually we have just an ID

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi Saulo!

I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean by this. Would you mind clarifying it a bit?

Which endpoint are you using? What is it exactly that you’re trying to achieve?

At first sorry abou my poor english :blush:
I was started a dashboad on powerbi.
But a need information about groups of user
Using this API{workspaceid}/users
I get all information but the membership does not have group name

“id”: “5e7a53e657320d3398a1aa2a”,
“email”: “”,
“name”: “Aarão Primo”,
“memberships”: [
“userId”: “5e7a53e657320d3398a1aa2a”,
“hourlyRate”: null,
“targetId”: “5e79457457320d3398a07111”,
“membershipType”: “WORKSPACE”,
“membershipStatus”: “ACTIVE”
“userId”: “5e7a53e657320d3398a1aa2a”,
“hourlyRate”: null,
“targetId”: “5e7a1bd7e3ab2203bbd5f89b”,
"membershipType": “USERGROUP”,
** “membershipStatus”: “ACTIVE”**

My point is:
Is there a way to get the name of the group to which a user is linked?

Tanks for your atention!


Thank All

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Thank you for the clarification and I’m glad you figured this out!